Waterfalls under Roglca


Waterfalls below the Roglca hill (553 m) are a surprise an a real hidden treasure of nature.
There are 5 waterfalls. Lower waterfalls height is 5 meters. Upper waterfalls height is 10 meters and also above there are some smaller waterfalls height 2 – 4 meters and in the end of the gorge there is the waterfall height 4 meters in two separated streams. Flow of the lower waterfalls first run single then it splits in two waterfalls 3 meters apart. Each of these waterfalls height is 5 meters.

Waterfalls are located beside main road Idrija – Tolmin 1 kilometer from the hamlet Straža. Lower waterfalls can be reached directly from road. To the upper part go further 100 meters towards house on hill and before reaching the house turn sharp right to the water chanell and upper waterfall can be seen. To reach the last waterfall upstream, just follow the stream.