Walking trail: Twisty path

Cerkno – Zakriž – Vrh Križa – Ravne – Cerkno (12.20 km; 4 hours)


This trail leads you through Zakriž right to the ridge of the mountain above Vrh Križa, where the road splits towards Ravne and Bukovo. It is through Ravne that this trail will take you. From 700 m above sea level you will descend into Dolenje Ravne, where the sign will direct you to a gravel road. The path now turns into a gentle tranquil walk, during which you can see an old Cerkno house and a cross of Jesus by the road or refresh yourself in the brook along the way. Descend into the valley across pastureland and grassland through the small village of Čelo.

Trail (on interactive map – green color): Cerkno – Zakriž – Vrh Križa – Ravne – Cerkno
Time: 4 hours; Length: 12.20 km
The lowest point of altitude: 324 m; The highest point of altitude: 724 m