Walking trail: Sun path

Cerkno – Zakriž – Gorje – Trebenče – Cerkno (8.17 km; 3 hours)


The path leads from the center of the Cerkno town across a sunny slope to the village of Zakriž, which is 3 km away. The area in and around the village is a protected Natura 2000 zone. After a walk on a winding and quite narrow asphalt road you will be rewarded in the village, where you can see an old fruit drying kiln or “pajštva”, in which they still dry fruit in autumn, although most of it is distilled into fruit brandy. In the village you can visit the Church of St. Andrew, which is equipped with marble from Aurisina (Slov. Nabrežina) and an organ from 1730, which is a rarity in Europe nowadays. You can also visit the Italian military fortifications, and many other attractions.

Further on, the path winds on slopes towards Trebenče, where you can turn right before you reach the village of Gorje and walk along the gravel road returning to Cerkno through Mostanija (a part of Cerkno). You can also continue on the main road to Cerkno.

Trail (on interactive map – red color): Cerkno – Zakriž – Gorje – Trebenče – Cerkno
Time: 3 hours; Length: 8.17 km
The lowest point of altitude: 324 m; The highest point of altitude: 585 m