Walking trail: Path of three possibilities

Cerkno – Gradišče – Cerkno (the longer route: 5.10 km; 2 hours)


The path leads you through the center of Cerkno along the mountain slope towards NW to the Zakriž village, which is 3 km away. After walking for 1.5 km the trail splits and turns right onto an access path. Along the road you can see an old Cerkno house or drink clean water from the brook. In front of you is the beautiful and easily accessible slope of Gradišče, where antique coins and weapons have been found.

There is a bench by the path where you can rest and enjoy the marvelous view of Cerkno and its surrounding villages and then descend back into the valley. The path is suitable for walkers of all generations, as it only takes about 1.5 hours and is accessible to hikers of all fitness levels. You can choose a longer variant (2 hours) by walking further on to Trebenče and then down into the valley along the Zapoška stream back to Cerkno.

Trail (on interactive map – pink color): Cerkno – Gradišče – Cerkno
Time: 2 hours; Length: 3b: 5.08 km
The lowest point of altitude: 324 m; The highest point of altitude: 511 m