Walking trail: Path of the old plum trees

Cerkno – »Brdce« – Labinje – Cerkno (6: 4.81 km; 2 hours)


This path leads you to the Labinje village and has several variants. The shortest, leading through the small village of Ralne, is not very tiring and takes about 1.5 hours. The second road goes slightly below the village, back to the main road, and takes about 2 hours. The third and the longest leads right to the village, across the mountain pass to the ruins of the old miner’s church, the so-called Miklavžev Turn (Eng. St. Nicholas bell tower). A tale has been preserved through oral tradition, saying that buried treasure lies under the ruins of the bell tower and the church, but lightning would strike and kill anyone who tries to dig it out. Follow the marks on the access path, which will show you the way back to the valley. A fantastic view of Cerkno opens up on this road but also of the Planina and Čeplez villages on the opposite slope. The village is known for its plums, and if you walk there in autumn or wintertime, you can see traditional fruit distillation as well.

Trail (on interactive map – purple color): Cerkno – »Brdce« – Labinje – Cerkno
Time: 2 hours; Length: 6: 4.81 km
The lowest point of altitude: 324 m; The highest point of altitude: 650 m