Walking trail no. 8: Path to the Brdce hill

Cerkno – »Brdce« - Trebenče – Cerkno (5.25 km; 2 hours)


The path starts in Cerkno where you go up the slope of the Brdce hill, past the monument dedicated to the 47 participants of the 6th Communist Party training, who were killed in the German attack on Cerkno in 1944. After a short ascent, turn left at the crossroads to the Galež farm, where you can see an old fruit drying kiln by the road. The path takes you to a peaceful forest, where fascinated by the bird’s singing and the view of the Porezen summit you will be surprised to find out that you have already arrived in the village of Trebenče. Trebenče is home to Church of St. Joyce, high on a hill with a nice view. It was on the list of churches in the Cerkno region already in 1595. It has Gothic characteristics at its core, which are still preserved despite the transition to the Baroque style in the 17th century. Frescoes from the 15th and 16th centuries were discovered during renovation. There is supposed to be a treasure in the ground at the entrance to the sacristy, but the biggest treasure is definitely the church itself with its venerable appearance and religious mission. After crossing the main road make a short stop at the small chapel by the road, which takes you back to Cerkno.

Trail (on interactive map – brown color): Cerkno – »Brdce« – Trebenče – Cerkno
Time: 2 hours; Lenght: 5.25 km
The lowest point of altitude: 324 m; The highest point of altitude: 455 m