Walking trail no. 4: Forester’s path

Cerkno – “tree nursery” – Cerkno (3.2 km; 1.5 hours)


This path takes you to the left bank of the Cerknica river, onto the steep slope of Lajše. It starts on an asphalt road and after half an hour of moderate walking turns left into the woods. Along the road you can quench your thirst in the pristine brook and then continue on the forest path to a fenced area, which has been used as a tree nursery. Here turn left onto a path.

There are benches waiting for you in a clearing, where you can take a bit of rest, smell the fresh air, and enjoy the marvelous view of Cerkno, the surrounding villages, and Mt. Porezen, the highest summit of this region.

The hiking path is perfect for those who want a short trip to escape out of town.

Trail (on interactive map – yellow color): Cerkno – “tree nursery” – Cerkno
Time: 1.5 hours; Length: 3.17 km
The lowest point of altitude: 324 m; The highest point of altitude: 450 m