Visit Cerkno region


A unique landscape, a world of ancient memories, pristine and untouched nature, historical and cultural monuments, beautiful places, diverse culinary treats, and friendly people – this is the essence of the Cerkno region. We invite you to experience the diversity and variation of the landscape that has been shaped by the mysterious forces of nature and the toil of hard-working men throughout the centuries.

Caress your body and spirit

The idyllic natural environment of Cerkno and its surroundings, with its forest expanses, invites you to take care of your well-being and health in the embrace of nature. Complement the pleasures of nature by relaxing in the healing thermal water, cleanse your body with a sauna or breathing air enriched with salt. Relax, find your inner peace, strengthen your body and spirit and discover the healing power of nature!

Get to know the beautiful hiking and cycling trails

Valleys and narrow ravines with crystal clear waters wind between the hills and ridges of the Cerkno hills, and plateaus rise in between. The area is intertwined with many hiking and cycling trails, suitable for anyone looking for either short and undemanding challenges, or longer and more difficult tours. Exploring the beautiful nature will sooner or later reward you with unforgettable views that you will want to remember forever.

Feel the cultural and natural heritage

Traces of history, a unique geographical location and varied natural features have shaped Cerkljansko in such a way that it is extremely diverse and rich. Explore the history of one of the few preserved World War II hospitals, visit one of the most important Stone Age sites in the world, or enjoy views of many other natural and cultural sites.

Cerkno and its surroundings offer much more, so don’t stop there. Explore our culinary offer, check out a variety of accommodations and plan an unforgettable holiday in contact with nature. Welcome!