The Zakojška Grapa gully

Wild and untouched


The Zakojška Grapa gully used to be a rich source of life where large families lived. Every homestead cultivated its own land, on which they grew the food for their survival. The homesteads were bigger than we would dare to believe today. The main water source, which was used to power the mills and sawmills, was the Poreznica brook, which still flows undisturbed through this gully up to this day. On its steep path to the valley, the brook has created many small and large waterfalls, rapids, and pools. The Poreznica brook is a fish breeding brook today, the breeding area of the pure Soča marble trout. It flows through a forest in the untouched wilderness, as no one has lived here for decades. The area was hit by a flood in 1926. Along the stream you can see many waterfalls and the ruins of mills and sawmills that people used to have here.

There are only narrow and abandoned paths leading to the abandoned and dilapidated homesteads in the gully today. The following homesteads used to be inhabited in the Zakojška Grapa gully: homestead “V Grapi” (in the local dialect: “V Grapeh”) – Zakojca 41, homestead “Pri Mušču” (in the local dialect: “Pr’ Mušču”) – Zakojca 39, homestead “Pri Obidu” (in the local dialect: “Pr’ Wabidu) – Zakojca 40, homestead “V Osaji” (in the local dialect: “U Wasaj”) – Zakojca 38 and homestead “Camarija” (in the local dialect: “U Camari”) – Hudajužna 33.

Today, Zakojška Grapa is wild and untouched, with an abundance of plant and animal life. The forest path through the Zakojška Grapa gully is unmarked and unmaintained, so it is a bit of an adrenaline adventure.

Guided tours through the Zakojška Grapa gully are offered by:
The Pri Flandru tourist farm
Jeram hiking