The summits of the Cerkno region: Kojca (1,303 m)

A wonderful view of the Bohinj mountains and Mt. Porezen


Kojca (1,303 m) is one of the most important mountains in the area. It is located south of Mt. Porezen, a top which Kojca can be best seen as well. There are many marked trails leading to Kojca. Here is a description of the trail from Jesenica (6 km, 2 h), a small village on the eastern slope of Kojca. After the intersection with the path from the Zakojca village, the trail suddenly becomes very gradual and goes parallel to the slope onto the first meadows, where you will be able to see the rosy blossoms of Scorzonera rosea besides the globeflowers, European white hellebore, and orchids. At the end of the meadow the lazing about is finally over – the trail begins to rise steeply, this time on a grassy slope straight towards the top. Right below the summit, the slope flattens and we are suddenly on a wide and flat meadow under the summit of Kojca. You can enjoy the view of the Bohinj mountains and Mt. Porezen, which rise north and east of Kojca, and the summits of the Cerkno and Idrija hills in the south and west. On your way back, turn right at the “Lipje” pass and descend across meadows and through the forest to the main road Jesenica – Bukovo. Here turn left to the village of Jesenica to get to the starting point.

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*Guided tour to Kojca

We will drive to the village of Zakojca from Cerkno. At the Pr Flandru tourist farm we will take the road to the Vrh Ravni pass. On the way we will admire neat local farms and a view of the nearby and more distant summits. We will take an access road to Vrh Ravni and slowly we will reach a steep path that will take us past a small stream to a nice resting place called Lipje, where we will take a short break. From here on we will cross the steep slopes and go up through the forest to the grassy slopes. A beautiful panoramic view will accompany us on our path to the top. We will take the same path to get down from Kojca’s summit, but only to the crossroads, where we will continue in the direction of Zakojca, where we will sample some local food. A tourist guide will join us in the afternoon to take us on a guided tour of the France Bevk’s homestead. After the tour we will drive back to Cerkno.

Difficulty: easy tour, (approximately 4 hours)

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