The summits of the Cerkno region: Črni Vrh (1,291 m)

The highest point of the popular Cerkno ski resort


Črni Vrh, the highest point of the popular Cerkno ski resort, is located northeast of the village of Novaki. At the summit, near which an artificial lake was created, there is a nice view especially of western Slovenia, where you can see a big part of the Julian Alps (the lower Bohinj mountains stand out here) and in front of them Mt. Porezen. In nice weather you can also spot the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. You can of course also see the nearby summits, such as Ratitovec, Blegoš, Golaki, etc.

The mountain lodge is on the sunny side slightly below the Črni Vrh summit. At the lodge there is a view to the east, the south and the west and at the nearby Črni Vrh also to the north. In the east you can see a mountain ridge between the Črni Vrh and Blegoš summits and the southern slopes, which descend into the narrow valleys of the Cerknica, Kopačnica, and Volaščica streams, as well as their tributaries. In the south, the Cerkno and Idrija hills are nearby.


By car taking the partially asphalt road from Cerkno – 15 km; the local road from Davča (turnoff at the small village of Osojna Davča) – 6 km; the road by the Cerknica river from Cerkno to Dolenji Novaki and then the path through Gorenji Novaki – 3 h; from Leskovica past the mountain refuge at the Robidensko Brdo pass (Slov. Zavetišče pod Robidenskim brdom) – 2h.

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