The summits of the Cerkno region: Bevkov Vrh (1,051 m)

The highest summit of the ridge that separates the valleys of Idrijca, Cerknica, and Hobovščica


Bevkov Vrh is the highest summit of the ridge that separates the valleys of the Idrijca, Cerknica, and Hobovščica. Description of the trail: many different trails lead to Bevkov Vrh. The starting point is in the village of Straža and then along the Vovkova Grapa ravine to the hydrologic phenomenon called Zaganjalščica. This interesting piece of natural hydrological heritage consists of the Zaganjalka spring under the village of Cerkljanski Vrh in the Volkova Grapa ravine near the Zakrog farm. This is an interesting karstic phenomenon, characteristically marked by changes in water flow. At regular flow it takes seven minutes before the water almost disappears and then bursts out of the depths again. All other such springs in Slovene terminology are named after the Zaganjalka in the Cerkno region. Follow the path in the direction of the Na Ravan farm, where you can buy excellent home-made cheese. At the farm you can also taste cheese and other dairy products, for which they have already received numerous awards. At this point, there is still about half an hour hike to the summit where there is a chapel and where you can get a stamp. Along the way, a beautiful view of Mt. Porezen and Cerkno opens up.

Return to the crossroads (near the Na Ravan farm) and turn right towards the Hobovše farm. You will soon reach a turnoff. Turn left here and follow the path to the Stotnikar farm and then to the Mator farm and still further on to the Kacin farm. Depart from the main road here and turn left. The path leads down the slope. You will soon join walking trail no. 5, which leads back to the town of Cerkno.

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*Guided tour to the Škofje hill (974 m) and the Bevkov Vrh summit (1,051 m)

We will depart from the main square past St. Anne’s church towards Planina. Planina is the only village of the Cerkno region whose name hasn’t changed in the course of centuries. While walking through the village we will admire the houses and the neatly cultivated meadows, as the local people here work mostly in agriculture, wood, metalworking, and agritourism. We will reach the Vrhulce pass and proceed towards the summit of Škofje along the ridge. At the top, there is a concrete pillar and a beautiful view of the Porezen, Blegoš, and Lajše summits and individual farms in the direction of the Ermanovec summit. We will leave towards the Kladje pass. The path will take us past a stone table with the year 1797 chiseled into it, which marks the first arrival of French troops in this territory. We will soon reach a pass, where we will continue towards the Bevkov Vrh summit. The route primarily traverses the meadows. We will reach the Na Ravan farm and climb to the Bevkov Vrh summit, which will reward us with impressive views of the Julian Alps. We will return to the Na Ravan farm, where excellent dairy products are produced. We will drive back down towards Cerkno and stop for a delicious home-made meal at the Grapar tourist farm.

Difficulty: easy tour, (approximately 5 hours)

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