The PVC festival

A central cultural and entertaining event in the Cerkno region


The members of the KUD Cerkno cultural society decided to organize a mini street festival called PVC festival as part of the Poletje v Cerknem (Slov. summer in Cerkno) event, which will take Poletje v Cerknem to the next level with an entertaining cultural program of world-class quality. The festival takes place in the streets of Cerkno, i.e. the place of origin of the successful original Slovene street theatre group Teatr Nkul. The aim of the Poletje v Cerknem festival is to host several street theatre performances.

It is hoped that this festival will encourage people to visit cultural events, which unfold right in front of them on the street, though the setting does not mean that they are not excellently performed or that they do not bring new, fresh stories. They would like to discover new venues in Cerkno, places where there as yet haven’t been any cultural events.