The Keltika festival

A festival that never ends


A program of concerts throughout the whole year has been taking place already since 1996, and under the name of Keltika since 2003. The name originates from the main road connecting towns and villages between Logatec and Bovec. It is a festival that never ends – it lasts all year long and offers on average two concerts per month. Concerts (usually free of charge) take place at Bar pr’ Gabrijelu, outside on the square “star plac” in the center of Cerkno or at some other location in the town. The program includes concerts of Slovene and foreign bands with a more advanced repertoire – the latter are often exclusive in Slovenia. The program comprises various jazz genres, folk music played with a contemporary approach, and similar sonic challenges for music enthusiasts. There are plenty of fast and furious rock rhythms to be heard, especially from Slovene bands, as the Keltika festival tends to sum up the seasonal goings-on on the lively national alternative and underground scenes. Beside rock and jazz Keltika festival also presents several other genres and blends, from ethno and funky to metal, blues, pop, and electronic beats.

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