The Kamlonarše homestead

Architecturally interesting construction legacy


The Kamlonarše homestead is located near the Franja Partisan Hospital. The homestead is a textbook example of an architecturally interesting construction legacy – a rural farmhouse of the Cerkno region between 150 and 200 years old. This type of the homestead is a straight-line house (this means that certain farm buildings are built adjacent to the house in a straight line) with a barn, a pigsty, a hayrack with round stone columns, a smithy, and an apiary. The house has a thatched straw roof and is made of natural and indigenous materials. On the ground floor there is a hallway, a traditional kitchen without a smoke outlet known as “black kitchen” in Slovene, the householder’s bedroom and the main room with a wood-fired oven. The hallway also leads to the upper bedroom or the barn. This is a traditional construction, which blends with the stony and steep environment.