The Davča waterfalls (Slov. Davški slapovi)


Northeast from the direction of Mt. Porezen (1,630 m) and south under the forest-covered summit of Lom (1,176 m) in a rugged gorge, the Davča stream forms three waterfalls (Slov. Pod kotli) in the cirque of the valley and village of Zgornja Davča. The waterfalls cannot be compared with the largest river waterfalls when it comes to magnitude, but they can certainly match up when it comes to beauty.

Above the Zgornji Slap falls there is a confluence of two approximately equally large tributaries, the western gathers the streams of Mt. Porezen, the eastern streams flow from under the summits of Hum (1,423 m) and Konjsko Brdo (1,344 m). The Zgornji Slap waterfall falls 6 m into a pool of a narrow and deep river bed. It is possible to view the Zgornji Slap falls from a viewpoint above the gorge, as the gorge is steep and narrow here. The Srednji Slap waterfall cascades into the depths as a double waterfall and is the most beautiful of all the Davča waterfalls (Slov. Pod kotli). The northern part of the waterfall is mightier and the two streams join foaming and roaring in a dark green pool of the river bed. The Srednji Slap waterfall is best seen from the viewpoint above the river bed. The Spodnji Slap waterfall directs water over eroded and differently steep ledges into two main currents, which join at extremely heavy rains and create a broader waterfall. It is possible to access and view the Spodnji Slap waterfall from the river bed. When the water flow is stronger, it is easier to access the area around the waterfall north on the bank.