The Cerkno region


Have you ever visited green valleys, vast forests, and sunny plateaus with mysterious lookout peaks rising above them, offering magnificent views? Have you ever experienced the immensity of the acts of war or welcomed in the spring at the end of the winter together with the “laufars“, traditional Slovene costumes?

A unique landscape, a world of ancient memories, pristine and untouched nature, historical and cultural monuments, beautiful places, diverse culinary treats, and friendly people – this is the essence of the Cerkno region. We invite you to experience the diversity and variation of the landscape that has been shaped by the mysterious forces of nature and the toil of hard-working men throughout the centuries!

The Cerkno region is not only distinguished by its rich cultural heritage, which is known only to the few who already visited its remote green valleys, romantic ravines, broad forests and sunny plateaus. Without a doubt the rich, diverse and picturesque nature along with numerous natural, cultural, and historical monuments and the particularly hospitable inhabitants that serve you with home-made culinary delights will enrapture you and you will be happy to visit again.

In the winter you can also experience the Cerkno region’s traditional “laufarija” and in the summertime the picturesque Divje Babe archaeological site, hidden above the Idrijca valley, below the Šebrelje plateau, where the oldest instrument in the world, the Neanderthal bone flute, was discovered inside a karstic cave in Paleolithic layers.

Those who enjoy hitting the slopes in the winter are invited to the modernly equipped Cerkno Ski resort. We offer you cozy and comfortable accommodations at a hotel, the Cerkno ski resort restaurant by the ski slope, and in numerous private rooms and serviced apartments in the vicinity of the ski slope or other pristine areas of the Cerkno region. During the summer you should make a stop at the Franja Partisan Hospital located in the Pasice gorge, and at the same time visit the Kamlonarše homestead and the birthplace of the celebrated Slovenian writer France Bevk in Zakojca.