The aragonite Ravenska jama cave

Exceptionally rich aragonite formations


The distinctive feature of the cave in Ravne, which makes it known around the world, is found in the exceptionally rich aragonite formations. While calcite flowstone and dripstones are a common occurrence in caves, the snow white aragonite crystals adorn only a few caves in the world. The cave is a 352 m long system of tunnels in three levels with the entrance passage located at an altitude of 703 m.

The most important are the clusters of 10 cm long needles shaped like a hedgehog, which represent the pinnacle of formations in the Ravenska Jama cave. Despite some vandalism in the cave in the past, it remains well preserved and well kept.

The aragonite Ravenska Jama cave was discovered by chance by the local Martin Čelik back in 1832. The cave is located in the Ravne village near Cerkno. The entrance is in the middle of the village next to the “Pri Kramarju” farm.

In 2005 a new entrance was discovered a few hundred meters away from the original entrance to the cave. According to the current estimates of cavers, the newly discovered cave should be touching the rest of the cave. A few rare individuals have already had the chance to see this underground cave. The cave stuns visitors with some truly unbelievable examples of aragonite and other underground cave formations.

Unfortunately, the cave has been closed for visitors for quite a few years now.