Summits of the Cerkno region: Porezen (1,630 m)

The highest summit in the Cerkno region


Porezen, with its 1,630 meters, is the highest summit of the Cerkno hills (Slov. Cerkljansko hribovje) and one of the three highest summits of the southern foothills of the Julian Alps (the other two are Ratitovec and Blegoš) with a magnificent view of the Cerkno region, the Bohinj mountains, and the Julian Alps. The slopes on the southern and western sides are rich with mountain flowers, while the northern and eastern slopes are covered with forests. Just a few meters below the summit there is also a mountain lodge. At the summit there are a large National Liberation Struggle memorial and the remains of a labyrinth of underground tunnels, which connect the fortifications on the northern and the eastern side of Porezen. The fortifications were part of an Italian fortification system called the Alpine Wall (Vallo Alpino), which were built by the Italians before WWII in the area bordering the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. There is a stamp and a register book at the summit.

There are many paths leading to Porezen – from the direction of Cerkno you can reach it from the Poče or Poljane villages, from the Baška Grapa valley there are two paths from the village of Huda Južna and through Zakojca, from the northern side you can ascend it from Petrovo Brdo, and from the eastern side there are two paths leading up from the villages of Davča and Novaki. You can also get to Porezen on a lesser known but still lovely, shady, and mostly easy path starting in the village of Jesenica.

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Cerkno – Poče – Labinjske lehe – Porezen – Razpotje – Labinje – Cerkno (27.8 km; 8 hours)

From Cerkno set off to the village of Poče. In the center of Poče turn left at the first sign for Porezen, and then turn right. You will reach a T-intersection of asphalt roads (at the house number Poče 13). The asphalt ends among the houses, so you will continue walking on a gravel road. The trail markers are excellent from here on. The first part of the ascent goes through a forest, and later on you will pass onto mountain meadows called Labinjske Lehe and higher up you will go through a forest again. Pay attention while walking to the sign “Poče – položna pot” (Eng. Poče – easy path) as this is where you will return back to the village of Poče.

Once you reach the summit of Porezen and enjoy the view to the full, you can continue down the north-eastern ridge to the Andrej Žvan – Boris mountain lodge right below the summit. Behind the lodge you will switch onto a rough-grained access path, where you need to keep to the right side and go around the summit on the eastern side. Keep to the main gravel road on your return, which will lead you to a road fork. Keep to the right and continue your path to the village of Labinje. From Labinje you can descend back to Cerkno.

Source: Cerkno – map of walking trails

Every year on the last Sunday in March and August there is a traditional hike to Porezen.

*Guided tour to Porezen

At the main square in Cerkno we will start towards the village of Labinje. Right by the trail we will pass a monument to the attendees of the Partisan school who fell in 1944. Here we will stop and take a look at the Cerkno basin. We will continue walking towards the ruins of an old miner’s church from the Middle Ages. After a short break we will go through the village of Labinje, which has a beautiful view of the surrounding hills Črni Vrh, Kladje, Kojca, etc. Across the meadows and through the forest we will climb to a place called Labinjske Lehe. From here on, there is an ascent towards Medrce and the trail then continues along the ridge towards the summit of Porezen. On the summit there is a monument to those who fell during WWII. Right below the summit there is a nice mountain lodge maintained by mountaineering society of Cerkno, where you will be served excellent local food. In the afternoon, we will depart towards Medrce and then down the easier trail to the village of Poče, which is right below Porezen. A van will be waiting for us here to take us back to Cerkno.

Difficulty: easy tour (approx. 7 hours)

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*Source: Website Jeram pohodništvo – Cerkljansko hribovje

A few more winter photos of Porezen