Summits of the Cerkno region: Kopa (1,360 m)

The summit with one of the most beautiful views


Kopa is a peak that reaches 1,360 meters and is shaped like a lookout pier, from which there is a nice view of Cerkno, the hills that surround it, the summit of Ratitovec, and the Trnovski Gozd plateau. If the weather is nice you can see all the way to Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Source:

Wishing to introduce visitors to the lesser known nooks in this part of the Cerkno region, the tourist society of Novaki renovated and marked a recreational circular trail to the Kopa peak. The starting point is at Raspet (1,050 m), which is on the border between the village of Novaki and Davča (this is also the border between the Primorska and Gorenjska regions). You can already see your final destination at the starting point, a high rock at 1,360 meters on the slope of Mt. Cimprovka, which the locals named “Kapa” or Kopa due to its similarity to charcoal-heaps. At the starting point there is an informational signpost: “Recreational Trail to Kopa”. Parking lots are also available. The path itself is full of signposts as well as markers in the form of the Novaki ski, which is typical only for this village. More about the recreational trail to Kopa on the website of the tourist society in Novaki:

*Guided tour to Kopa

At the main square in Cerkno we will start towards the village of Labinje. Right by the trail, we will pass a monument to the attendees of Partisan school who fell in 1944. Here we will stop and take a look at the Cerkno basin. We will continue to the ruins of an old miners’ church from the Middle Ages. After a short break we will go through the Labinje village with a magnificent view of the surrounding hills Črni Vrh, Kladje, Kojca, etc. Crossing meadows and forests we will climb to a place called Labinjske Lehe and then to Medrce. We will climb up to Kopa. After a long break we will continue towards the crossroads that divides the Primorska and the Gorenjska regions. The path will take us past the Mali Njivč mountain ridge to the Franja Partisan Hospital. A tourist guide will be waiting for us here to take us on a tour of the hospital. After the tour we will take the path that was used during the Second World War to transfer the wounded to the hospital. Finally we will reach the Gačnik inn, where we will be served local specialties. Afterwards we will drive back to Cerkno.

Difficulty: easy tour, (approximately 9 hours)

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*Source: Website Jeram pohodništvo – Cerkljansko hribovje