Sports clubs


The Cerkno Karate club

Slov. Karate klub Cerkno
Address: Sedejev trg 5, 5282 Cerkno
Tax number: 42858895
Mobile phone number: +386 (0)40 233 979

Klub malega nogometa Bar Kavarna Cerkno

Address: Bevkova ulica 8, 5282 Cerkno
Tax number: 78479452

The Cycling club Čebela

Slov. Kolesarski klub Čebela
Address: Cesta OF 6, 5282 Cerkno
Tax number: 58435760
Mobile phone number: +386 (0)51 410 312

The Azimut orienteering club

Slov. Orientacijski klub Azimut

The Azimut orienteering club is active especially in the Cerkno and Idrija regions. In 2015 it also expanded its activities to the Tolmin region. Traditionally, it also connects orienteers from Žiri and former members living all over Slovenia and the world.

Address: Sedejev trg 8, 5282 Cerkno
Tax number: 46165169
Mobile phone number: +386 (0)31 420 481

The Cerkno mountaineering society

Slov. Planinsko društvo Cerkno

The Cerkno mountaineering club organizes the traditional winter hike to Mt. Porezen every year. The point of this hike is to unite mountaineers from all over Slovenia and neighboring countries in the splendor and invigorating weather of winter. Anyone who accepts the rules and the program of the society and voluntarily hands in a declaration of membership can qualify to become a member.

Address: Pot na Zavrte 26, 5282 Cerkno
Tax number: SI 25525263
Mobile phone number: +386 (0)31 615 245

The DRIN climbing club

Slov. Plezalni klub DRIN

The DRIN climbing club, which was established a little more than seven years ago, strives to offer new activities to the village, and, by encouraging socializing and sports activities, convince villagers of all generations that recreational activities are important for a healthy life. At the same time the club was founded, an indoor sport climbing wall was being built, whose main purpose was for the club to stay active in winter months.

The club currently has 20 active members and puts a lot of emphasis on passing climbing knowledge on the young generations, so they have organized a children’s climbing course for several years in a row now. Several times a year, they reach out to other climbing clubs and organize a friendly competition at the artificial climbing wall in Otalež.

Address: Otalež 30, 5282 Cerkno
Tax number: 99552132
Mobile phone number: +386 (0)40 300 438

The Cerkno sports club

Slov. Športno društvo Cerkno
Address: Platiševa ulica 9, 5282 Cerkno
Tax number: 67445187

The Neptun sports club

Slov. Športno društvo Neptun
Address: Cvetkova cesta 40, 5282 Cerkno
Tax number: 49674820

The Otalež sports club

Slov. Športno društvo Otalež

The Otalež sports club has existed since 1982. Today the club has about 30 active members. The main activity is football, where the club pays special attention to getting young people interested in sports. The football team participates in the Cerkno recreational football league every year and in the winter league in Idrija during the winter. They attend many occasional tournaments in the area and even further away. Apart from attending competitions they also organize regular recreational activities and practice sessions. This year the club also held their first football tournament.

Address: Otalež 1, 5282 Cerkno
Tax number: 28301293

The Pedal sports club

Slov. Športno društvo Pedal

The Pedal sports club organizes cycling events and educates young cycling enthusiasts. All interested are invited to join their club and get to know the natural wonders of the Cerkno region through cycling.

Address: Jerebova ulica 7, 5282 Cerkno
Tax number: 44854633
Mobile phone number: +386 (0)31 851 539

The Plohar sports club

Slov. Športno društvo Plohar
Address: Platiševa ulica 31, 5282 Cerkno
Tax number: 74280635
Mobile phone number: +386 (0)31 335 664

The Texas sports club in Šebrelje

Slov. Športno društvo Texas Šebrelje

The Texas sports club has been active since 1997 and experienced its true success after 2003. After constructing a football field, paving, and lighting it, a volleyball field was constructed as well. The members of the sports club organize several different tournaments, and other sports and entertaining events every year. Our goals are socializing, recreation, and fun.

Address: Šebrelje 53, 5282 Cerkno
Tax number: 12198501
Website: Šebrelje