Šebrelje stuffed pork stomach (Slov. Šebreljski želodec)

The product of knowledge and hard-working hands


It is said that in the past this excellent culinary creation was supplied to gourmands in the area of Trieste and Gorizia. Nowadays, the Šebrelje stuffed pork stomach is a mandatory “stop” for all those who enjoy spoiling their taste buds. Oral sources state that the production of this delicacy goes more than 200 years back when it was supplied to connoisseurs in the area of Gorizia and Trieste. Today, the Šebrelje stuffed pork stomach is recognizable by its specific oval shape and sensory and gastronomic properties. For years it has been among Slovene products with protected geographical indication on national level. It was recognized by European Commission as well. Its distinctiveness is in the composition of high-quality pork meat, a small share of bacon and spices, and also in the special climate conditions used for drying and maturing, which also contribute its share.

The Šebrelje stuffed pork stomach, homemade salami, sausages for cooking and homemade dried sausages can be bought at the farm listed below. They also offer their products in smaller shops in the nearby towns:

Cerkno – Blagovnica Cerkno (supermarket in Cerkno)
Idrija – Trgovina KGZ Idrija (shop of the agricultural and forestry cooperative in Idrija)
Spodnja Idrija – Trgovina KGZ Idrija (shop of the agricultural and forestry cooperative in Spodnja Idrija)
Solkan – Mesnica Kovačič (Kovačič butcher’s shop in Solkan)
Kromberk Mercator center – Trgovina Naš raj (Naš Raj shop in the Mercator shopping center in Kromberk)

They also sell their products at farmers’ markets.

Address: Šebrelje 34a, 5282 Cerkno
E-mail: gost.polak@gmail.com
Website: www.dobrote-planote.si
Phone number: +386 (0)5 375 63 08
Mobile phone number: +386 (0)31 664 780