Scheme for development of tourism in the Cerkno region


The scheme connects different providers of tourist accommodation in the Cerkno region.

The main guideline for all members of the scheme is mutual cooperation. This means that by exchanging ideas and good practices we guarantee top quality services to all of our guests.

As we want to make sure that our guests feel great while staying with us, we decided to offer these special deals to them.

Benefits of holders of Cerkno pass:

  • 15 % discount when buying ski passes at a regular price and also on reduced and published prices (excluding the 3=4 family ski pass in the Monday to Friday slot);
  • 15 % discount on visiting the Cerkno thermal park (including saunas, massages, swimming pool and fitness studio);
  • 10 % discount on lunch or dinner at Hotel Cerkno;
  • 10 % discount on the ticket for Bike & Fun Park Cerkno;
  • 15 % discount on exclusive hire of the wellness facility at the Želinc tourist farm;
  • free guided tour of a collection of farming tools at the Lovec apartments and bar;
  • the following discounts by the Shock bar: if you stay at Shock apartments (30% discount on cake + coffee, 30% discount on toast + coffee, 20% discount on cocktails, and a buy 3 get 1 free offer on 0.03 l Jagermeister);
  • 10 % discount when purchasing a ticket to visit the Postojna Cave;
  • 10 % discount when purchasing a ticket to visit the Anthony’s Shaft in Idrija;
  • 10 % discount when purchasing a ticket to visit the HG Smeltery in Idrija;
  • 10% discount on tickets for the exhibitons and cultural heritage sites managed by the Idrija Municipal Museum.

List of providers

Spa and Ski Resort Hotel Cerkno

In the heart of Slovenia, among the summits of Cerkno, Hotel Cerkno*** is hidden in an area of pristine nature with its well-known Cerkno...

Lovec apartments and bar

The Lovec apartments and bar establishment is located in the Gorenji Novaki village, about 1.5 km before reaching the Cerkno ski resort. The apartments...

Želinc tourist farm

The tourist farm, which lies at the juncture of three valleys in the village of Straža, is comprised of an old farm house dating...

Shock apartment

The house with apartments on the upper and middle floor is located in the center of Cerkno. The apartments are perfect for those who...

Florjančič apartment

The three-star Florjančič apartment is located in Cerkno next to the Idrija – Škofja Loka main road. It is 300 m from the center...

Tešnak homestead farm – Hotavlje apartments

You will be staying in one of the apartments at the Tešnak homestead farm (apartments for 2, 4 or 6 persons). The house is...

Čumar apartments

The Čumar apartments are located in the largest Slovene village of Davča at an altitude of 1000 m. In the midst of pristine nature,...

Apartmaji Bar Lovec

Apartmaji Bar Lovec se nahajajo v Gorenjih Novakih, približno 1,5 km pred smučarskim centrom Cerkno. Apartmaji vam zraven udobnih apartmajev nudijo tudi gostinsko ponudbo...

Gatej apartments

The apartments are located in the GorenjiNovaki village at the altitude of 800 m in the immediate proximity of the Cerkno ski resort only...

Gačnk v Logu guest house

The renovated guest house, at the meeting point of the Alps and Karst, 3 km out of Cerkno, in the middle of a wonderfully...

Peternelj apartments

In the village of Davča in the Škofja Loka hills at an altitude of 1000 m you will find two beautifully and newly equipped...

Peternelj apartment – on the Črni Vrh hill

In the area of the Cerkno hills, on top of the Cerkno ski resort, Peternelj apartments are located. In the middle of pristine nature,...