Saunas and salt room

For the relaxation of body and mind


People have been using saunas to relax the body and mind since the beginning of time. The main purpose of sauna is sweating and overheating the body, which removes harmful substances from it, balances the metabolism, clears the skin, strengthens the immune system, and improves our sleep and mood. You can visit a sauna at Hotel Cerkno or at the Alpska Perla restaurant, which both have idyllic and unique saunas equipped in the Alpine style.

At your disposal is also a salt room, where you will be able to breathe air with a high content of salt. These rooms are great for people who have problems with their respiratory organs or with their skin. Salt rooms are lined with salt and, while inside, visitors breathe in air enriched with salt or a salt aerosol. The effect of this therapy on the respiratory organs and the skin is similar to spending a few days at the seaside.

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