Pri Flandru tourist farm


There are areas and villages, which are overlooked and little-known. Some are hidden in ravines, others lie high up in the mountains, some are not even on maps. What they all share is peace and serenity in pristine nature. Zakojca is one of such villages. Here are forests, ravines, pastures and fields, patches and orchards; here are homesteads and friendly people. The village lies high above the Baška Grapa valley on the slopes of the domed-shaped Kojca hill with a view of the mighty Mt. Porezen.

The owners of the farm invite you to visit them and relax your body and soul while taking light morning walks or day-long hiking tours to the summits of Kojca (1303 m) or Porezen (1632 m). After returning from your wanderings, the shade of the trees in their garden invites you to take a break. For quiet and serene nights, stylishly equipped 2-bed and 3-bed rooms with a bathroom, a TV-set, wireless internet and half-board services are at your disposal. Certain rooms have a view of the mountains or the garden. You can sit in the common room or on the terrace. An infant bed, infant tub, and an outdoor and indoor play area for children are also available.

A nice surprise, especially for children,is found in the horses, which calmly take anyone on a ride around in their saddle or in a buggy. The farm also offersrides to nearby villages or several-day-long trips for experienced riders.

The area is a popular destination for horse riding, cycling, and hiking.

Address: Zakojca 1, 5282 Cerkno
Phone number: +386 (0)5 377 98 00
Mobile phone number: +386 (0)31 288 142