Other societies


Beekeeping Association Cerkno

Slov. Čebelarsko društvo Cerkno
Address: Platiševa ulica 7, 5282 Cerkno

The society of traditional musicians Stari meh Lazec (Eng. the Lazec Old Bellows)

Slov. Društvo ljudskih godcev Stari meh Lazec
Address: Lazec 15, 5282 Cerkno

The members of the society organize a range of events every year: carnival caroling through the villages from Lazec to Sovodenj, an event with refreshments for girls and women on 8th March, a dance or a concert in the hall in Otalež, the bonfire night in Lazec, the fair in Lazec, guest appearances at events in the area, a chestnut roast, an annual trip, a New Year’s Eve party, occasional workshops for children and different topical lectures. The main event, the Laški Sejem (Eng. Lazec fair), is held in the second half of August, when traditional musicians from the area and elsewhere are the first to present their work. The socializing continues with sports, music, and dancing.

The Jazne Society for the Revival of the Countryside

Slov. Društvo za oživitev podeželja Jazne
Address: Jazne 16a, 5282 Cerkno

The society for revival of countryside in Jazne (DOP Jazne) organizes various sports and social events. If nature permits it, they hold a giant slalom or a parallel slalom contest in February, in March they attend the ski jumping or ski flying competitions in Planica, and at bonfire night on the eve of 1 May they pay their respects to Labor Day and make sure that everyone has a nice time.

The main event of the society is the fair in Jazne. The fair has seen visitors set off on a run up the mountain to the summit of Bevkov Vrh for years now, also as part of mountain runs in the Primorska region. An important achievement of the society is a 23 km long circular cycle route, which was marked in 2011 at their own initiative with the help of the society of traditional musicians DLG Lazec. The circular cycle route goes through all the villages in the Local Community of Otalež.

With their own resources and with hard work of members and other villagers of Jazne, the DOP Jazne society has created a nice event space in the years 2012 – 2014, which is intended for sports and cultural events and for spending one’s free time. Additional hired rooms, which were also equipped by them, are used for socializing and meetings.

Klekljarsko društvo Marjetica Cerkno

Address: Bevkova ulica 24, 5282 Cerkno

The Cerkno equestrian society

Slov. Konjeniško društvo Cerkno
Address: Bevkova ulica 9, 5282 Cerkno
Mobile phone number: +386 (0)31 376 703

The equestrian society in Cerkno encourages all kinds of horse riding activities, horse breeding, and sports and recreational riding.

The Otavnik hunting club

Slov. Lovska družina Otavnik

The Otavnik hunting club, which is part of the association of hunting clubs in Idrija, has 38 members and its hunting ground extends on a bit more than 3000 hectares. Apart from a nicely maintained hunting lodge in Orehek the club also takes care of the hunting lodge on the Otavnik hill. They also maintain 50 km of paths, which they share with hikers and walkers. These paths are interspersed across the entire hunting ground, from the Porezen mountain through the Zakojška Grapa gully, the Otavnik and Kojca hills, and to the Buckova Grapa ravine.

Address: Orehek 2, 5282 Cerkno
E-mail: stanko.makuc@freenet.si
Mobile phone number: +386 (0)41 596 676
Elderly: Stanko Makuc

The Porezen Cerkno hunting club

Slov. Lovska družina Porezen Cerkno
Address: Goriška cesta 5, 5282 Cerkno
E-mail: branef@gmail.com
Phone number: +386 (0)5 377 57 36
Elderly: Simon Rudolf

The Vidaunk Orehek – Jesenica youth club

Slov. Mladinsko društvo Vidaunk Orehek – Jesenica

Since last year a wooden bivouac has stood on top of the Kojca hill, which was built by the members of the youth club and the hunting club aided by a helicopter of the Slovenian Army. Next to it there is a hay heap, which is placed there by the members of the youth club every summer – to remember how hay in Kojca used to be mown and raked and then transported into the valley in hemispheric heaps.

The Vidaunk youth club also takes care of maintaining the former elementary school building and provides for a range of entertainment and cultural activities in the valley. The society renovated the decrepit toilet facilities, took care of urgent maintenance work, and covered the building’s roof with the help of the local community and the Cerkno municipality in 2013. The Red Cross and the company Erplast Eržen contributed finances after the flood to repair the flooring in the classroom and buy the equipment for the small kitchen.

Address: Orehek 9, 5282 Cerkno
Phone number: +386 (0)5 377 97 62

The Driklc Cerkno handicrafts society

Slov. Rokodelsko društvo Driklc Cerkno

Most skills needed for making the various handicraft and heritage products of the Cerkno region have remained preserved to the present day and it is worth making an effort to keep it like this. The society will strive to preserve the rich cultural and other heritage that was left to us by our ancestors to whom it was an aid in surviving in this area. The purpose of the society is in connecting natural, technical, humanistic, and social sciences along with art, and in so doing to contribute to the development of culture, cultural and natural heritage, ethnology and cultural anthropology, the development of tourism, education, nurture, art, informing, counseling, designing and programming, research, etc.

Address: Močnikova ulica 8, 5282 Cerkno
E-mail: /
Website: http://www.rokodelci-cerkno.si
Mobile phone number: +386 (0)

Slov. Združenje izdelovalcev Šebreljskega želodca

Address: Šebrelje 53, 5282 Cerkno
Phone number: +386 (0) 37 44 276 (Lapanja Štefan)