Očanc cheese in a gift box


For a decade and a half now a family farm, which lies at the altitudes from 850 m to 1050 m, has been producing homemade dairy products in a natural and organic way. In their own production facilities, following traditional practices and without adding preservatives or chemicals, they turn fresh milk into a wide range of dairy products. Their dairy products are made from unpasteurized milk, which is the essential difference between theirs and industrial products. Following the Swiss example, they graze the cattle in summer and feed them exclusively with hay in winter. This results in a better quality of products, which they can prove with the numerous quality awards they’ve won. By prior appointment, they will be happy to organize a tour of their farm and a tasting of their products.

The farm has been engaged in cheese making for twenty years already. The Očanc cheese is handmade from unpasteurized cow milk in the traditional way. It is characterized by fullness of flavor and softness. Grazing in a pristine environment, one thousand meters above the sea, also contributes to the high quality of milk. In 2001 the cheese was given the quality label at the “Dobrote slovenskih kmetij” (Eng. Delicacies of Slovene Farms) judging event in Ptuj. This label is only given to award winners who have received the gold award for a certain product three years in a row. In 2010 the Očanc cheese also received the award for the best culinary souvenir of the Idrija and Cerkno region.

Quantity: 0.80 kg

Where can you buy the product? At the Na Ravan farm and every Saturday at the indoor market in Idrija.

Apart from the Očanc cheese, the farm offers a rich variety of dairy products to its customers, which have received awards at the “Dobrote slovenskih kmetij” (Eng. Delicacies of Slovene Farms) judging event in recent years: sour curd cheese, whey curd, and curd spread with garlic. In this year the Na Ravan farm received gold awards for the probiotic liquid yoghurt, kaymak, and the Vrhovc cheese (also the quality label at the same time!),as well as the silver award for its sour milk.

Na Ravan farm

Slov. Kmetija Na Ravan
Judita Demšar, the holder of a supplementary activity on the farm
Address: Cerkljanski Vrh 24, 5282 Cerkno
E-mail: ocanc.naravan@gmail.com
Website: www.domaci-sir.si
Phone number: +386 (0)5 377 53 12
Mobile phone number: +386 (0)40 750 983