Italian military fortifications in Zakriž

Part of the Alpine Wall defense system


On the Vrh Križa hill and on the Klavžarjeva Ravan meadow the Italian underground military fortifications, which were typical for the then border area between Italy and former Yugoslavia, are still well preserved. The fortifications are part the Alpine Wall (Vallo Alpino) defense system, which ran from Genoa (Italy) all the way to Reka (Croatia), with a total length of 1850 km. The construction began in the 1930s and was never finished. In the village of Zakriž the Italians built two “caverns” for accommodation of the army and two bunkers also known as operas after the Italian word for them, where the machine guns were. The locals can guide you through them.

For several years the local people have put the underground fortification situated at a busy location in Zakriž to good use organizing various cultural and social events. Every year around Christmas, this location is the venue of the live Christmas nativity scene, which attracts many visitors.