Idrija žlikrofi (dumplings of dough with a filling from potatoes, etc.)


Do you like to cook, but even more to eat well? Do you sometimes want to surprise your dearest with something traditional, but new and special? Then we are inviting you to discover new culinary experiences and new tastes! This recipe for the traditional Idrija žlikrofi dish was prepared for you in the kitchen of Hotel Cerkno.

The dish of the house in Hotel Cerkno is one of the eleven dishes presented in the booklet Idrijski žlikrofi – Vodnik za gurmane (Idrija žlikrofi – A Guide for Gourmands), in which the menu was developed by local chefs following the latest trends. The recipes preserve the authenticity of the protected dish and cross the limit of traditional with the presented ways of serving the dish. Wishing that this booklet would become part of your bookshelves as well, try it, indulge in it and choose your favorite recipe for every day and festive meals – it will certainly enthrall you! May the preparation of new dishes with Idrija žlikrofi become a creative culinary experience, not just for the one creating it, but even more for the one the dishes are being prepared for!

Idrija žlikrofi as a sort of pasta with a filling can be prepared and served in a million ways. The first rule in the selection and making of a sauce is that it should not overpower the basic taste of žlikrofi, just enrich the taste of the entire dish. Choosing the right sauce is thus a true art in itself. In spring time you can also try žlikrofi with fresh asparagus and prosciutto. Yum …

Ingredients for the sauce

For 4 persons you will need:
– 300 g green asparagus
– 2 dl sweet cream
– 50 g butter
– 50 g prosciutto
– 50 g grated parmesan
– salt and pepper to taste

Time needed: 20 minutes


Clean and wash fresh green asparagus. Cut off the tips and save them for later. Cook the rest of the asparagus until they are soft in a small amount of salty boiling water and then blend them with sweet cream into a creamy substance. Save the water left from cooking the asparagus for later in case the sauce needs to be thinned.

Melt butter in a pan and add prosciutto cut into small pieces and the tips of asparagus, toasting them lightly.

Add the creamy substance you made before and let it simmer. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Put the cooked Idrija žlikrofi into the sauce, sprinkle with the grated parmesan and stir. For the end, a little secret on how žlikrofi should be eaten according to regulations: the first one in the mouth, the second one on the fork in front of the nose, and the third one looked at while still in the bowl as the next chosen one.

Bon Appetit to all friends of Idrija žlikrofi!