For caretakers of nature


The Cerkno region offers ideal conditions for attractive hunting in pristine nature, where you can enjoy in peace and quiet and observe the wonders shaped by nature over the long centuries. The nature is rich in animal life, especially with chamois and other kinds of deer.

Porezen hunting club (Slov. Lovska družina Porezen), Cerkno
Goriška cesta 5, 5282 Cerkno
Phone number: +386 (0)5 377 57 36
President: Simon Rudolf

Otavnik hunting club (Slov. Lovska družina Otavnik)
Orehek 2a, 5282 Cerkno
Mobile phone number: +386 (0)41 596 676
President: Stanko Makuc

60 years of the Otavnik hunting club

In 2014 the Otavnik hunting club marked the 60th anniversary of its foundation with a festivity. The many speakers at the festivity held on this occasion did not hide their enthusiasm about the good work the club has been doing. They were especially pleased that two of the founding members were in their midst as well – Janko Štremfelj and Rajko Mrak. On this occasion an exhibition of trophies and a photographic presentation of the game and the hunting ground was organized at the hunting lodge in Orehek. The Otavnik hunting club, which is part of the association of hunting clubs in Idrija, has 38 members and its hunting ground extends out to a bit more than 3000 hectares. Apart from a nicely maintained hunting lodge in Orehek the club also takes care of the hunting lodge on the Otavnik hill. They also maintain 50 km of paths, which they share with hikers and walkers. These paths are interspersed across the entire hunting ground, from Mt. Porezen, through the Zakojška Grapa gully, the Otavnik and Kojca hills, and to the Buckova Grapa ravine.

Countless volunteer working hours were necessary for this as well as a lot of patience especially when arranging things with the land owners, since the deer don’t know where the border between the wild and the man-made environment is. Precisely because of this the club spends a lot of energy on reducing the populations of those animals that cause most damage to the farmers. Wild boars are undoubtedly the most problematic in this regard.

The plans of the hunting club are based on hunting tourism as well, with which they make an important contribution to the range of tourist products and services in the Cerkno region.

Not to be overlooked is also the information that the Otavnik hunting club received the Bevk prize, which is given by the Cerkno municipality on the municipal holiday.