Hiking trail 3: The Forest Garden

Cerkno – the Forest Garden – Cerkno (3.17 km; 1.5 hours)


The trail leads to the left bank of the Cerknica river and up the steep slope of Lajše hill. Starting on the asphalt road, turn left into the forest after some 30 minutes of moderate walking. You can quench your thirst with clean spring water along the way. Continue along the forest trail and take a left when you reach the fenced area of the Forest Garden (Gozdarski vrt).

In the clearing, there are benches where you can rest, get your fill of fresh air, and enjoy the beautiful views of Cerkno, the neighbouring villages, and Porezen, the highest peak in the region.

The trail is suitable for everyone looking for a quick escape from city life.

Trail (on interactive map – yellow): Cerkno – the Forest Garden – Cerkno
Time: 1.5 hours; Length: 3.17 km
The lowest point of altitude: 324 m; The highest point of altitude: 450 m