Handmade wooden spoons


Various wooden products are created under the personal brand name Lesnik wood craft by the hands of Bor Leban. The story started with the crafting of wooden spoons, for which Bor uses hand tools only. Through exploration of new shapes in the wood other products started evolving as well. Apart from spoons and some other kitchen cutlery, he also makes wooden boards, buttons, pendants, pencil holders, and flutes.

You can choose between one of a kind, handmade wooden spoons of different sizes and shapes from different types of wood. The spoons are protected with edible oils and can be used every day.

Where can you buy this product? The product can be bought from the craftsman. It is also possible to order the products through the craftsman’s website.

Lesnik Wood Craft

Boro Leban, personal complementary work
Address: Stopnik 40, 5282 Cerkno
E-mail: lesnik.woodcraft@gmail.com
Website: http://lesnikwoodcraft.wix.com/lesnikwoodcraft
Mobile phone number: +386 (0)68 165 398