Hand-knit socks from natural sheep wool


The socks are hand knit from natural sheep wool produced by sheep breeders of the Cerkno region. Colorful additions to the socks are colored with natural dyes, such as walnuts and hay gravel. The socks with the leather sole have the Art&Craft Slovenija certificate, which is awarded by the Chamber of Craft of Slovenia. The socks are created by Jožefa Peternel from Gorenji Novaki, who preserves traditional knitting skills.

*Price: from EUR 13.00 to 15.00
*the price was valid at the time of issuing the catalog, so check with the provider for possible price changes

Where can you buy the product? From the knitter Jožefa Peternel and occasionally at the indoor market in Idrija and at the market in Cerkno.

Among other products offered are also hand-crafted items from natural materials – hand-knit products from home-produced wool: hats, scarves, gloves, cardigans, vests, and items made to order.

Jožefa Peternel

personal complementary work, hand knitting Jožica S’ Podčela
Address: Gorenji Novaki 49, 5282 Cerkno
Phone number: +386 (0)5 377 50 54