Gačnk v Logu guest house


The renovated guest house, at the meeting point of the Alps and Karst, 3 km out of Cerkno, in the middle of a wonderfully diverse hilly landscape, next to the road leading to the Cerkno ski resort, blends tradition with modernity in the service of your comfort and well-being. The last oasis before you leave the Primorska region awaits you in the green embrace of nature. The refreshing coolness of the outdoor patio in the shade of the trees, next to the vivacious hustle and bustle of the Cerknica river or the warm coziness by the baker’s oven, offer a nice ambience for a peaceful break or active holidays throughout the entire year. The restaurant is located within the Gačnk v Logu guest house and offers specialties of traditional, Mediterranean, and local cuisine.

You can visit the guest house in a small or large company, alone or with family; you can have lunch or an evening feast, a remote vacation or diverse entertainment. For all who would like a picnic, the guest house offers a picnic place with a sand volleyball field and a bowling area and also the possibility of camping on nearby meadows. You can also stay in one of the 9 comfortably equipped rooms with organized storage room for skiing and other equipment.

The guest house offers 2-, 3-, and 4-bed rooms, which are equipped with a bathroom, a TV-set, and the possibility of internet access. The rooms give a feel of cozy warmth and comfortable climate, since the guest house is located in the heart of pristine nature. On the ground floor the guests are offered a warm room for storing their skiing equipment.

All motorcyclists who stop by at the Gačnk v Logu guest house will be greeted with a special welcome. Motorcyclists can camp and use the garage free of charge. The guest house staff makes sure that you will be served rich culinary treats after the ride and will present you with motorcycling trails in the surroundings and in the wider area of Slovenia and abroad before continuing on your journey.

Address: Dolenji Novaki 1, 5282 Cerkno
Phone number: +386 (0)5 37 24 004
Mobile phone number: +386 (0)41 636 746