France Bevk Days

Preserving the memory of a famous resident


Many important people have spent some time in the local valleys. One of them recorded events in books to preserve them for eternity. The memories of faces and images of local places can now be found anywhere in the world, wherever there are libraries and wherever words have made their home. On this special date, when he was both born and died, it is only fitting that his words speak, so that people remember them and dare to step on their own literary paths.

The third weekend in September is thus reserved for events dedicated to the writer France Bevk, who was born on 17 September 1890 in a modest poor family in the village of Zakojca. Already as a child he enjoyed reading, a habit he kept throughout his life. He was a teacher, but did not practice his profession long, focusing rather on editorship and writing. His bibliography is very extensive, including about 250 works. His writings are extremely diverse also in terms of topic and type of narration. He found ideas for his books in childhood and youth events, village life in the Cerkno region, the history of peasant risings, and the fascist occupation of the Primorska region. This era is also depicted by his best work, the novel “Kaplan Martin Čedermac”. Due to the fact that his writings opposed the fascist regime he was often imprisoned. His books have been translated into many European languages, and even into Japanese. He died precisely on his birthday in 1970.

The birth house of France Bevk is nowadays a museum open to visitors. You can read more about it at the link France Bevk’s homestead.

Several events were joined in the event called France Bevk Days, which had its modest beginnings in the year 2006. Today the event has already crossed local boundaries and following Bevk’s example connects many different institutions and service providers active in culture and tourism in the area of Severna Primorska. In September we invite you to visit literary meetings, a culinary and ecological market, go on the Hike along the France Bevk Trail, visit exhibitions, see France Bevk’s homestead, and enjoy many other events as well. A complete program and detailed information can be found on the official website.

The Hike along the France Bevk Trail is included in the Hiking Festival and in 2016 it was also included in European Heritage Days.