Forest selfness

Relaxation in the heart of the Cerkno region forests


Forest selfness™ represents a new green trend in Slovenian tourism, which is based on taking advantage of natural characteristics and beauties of the Cerkno region and includes natural materials, resources, and local products. It is a trademarked concept, which was developed in the local tourist organization LTO Laufar Cerkno. The first selfness program in Slovenia won the national Snovalec 2014 (Eng. Creator 2014) award for the most innovative idea in tourism. It caters to its participants in a very special way. This is a different kind of wellness, which stems from the individual’s conscious decision to take care of their well-being and health, and unlike existing wellness programs it takes place in an idyllic natural environment nestled among the Cerkno region’s forests. Participants in forest selfness are accompanied by experts in meditation, personal and spiritual growth, reflexology and culinary art. They set off on an hour-and-a-half long walk on an easy and maintained hiking path, stopping at individual spots – each of which has its own special focus – where they can relax and learn about the healing power of nature.

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