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Who doesn’t know the products we get from beehives? We have been sweetening our lives with the bee’s gold for centuries. As a curiosity, let us mention that the Carniolan honey bees like to collect the nectar of leaves and twigs of maples, spruce trees, and silver firs. An excellent forest honey is made at the Lapanja honey farm with their help. The Lapanja honey farm has received many distinctions and awards for its products. At the international honey judging event in Semič the farm received gold awards for the forest and linden honeys and at the national judging event in Naklo and Ilirska Bistrica the gold award for the linden honey.

Quantity: 250 g, 450 g, 900 g

*Price: EUR 4.00 (250 g); EUR 5.50 (450 g); EUR 10.00 (900 g)
*the price was valid at the time of issuing the catalog, so check with the provider for possible price changes

Where can you buy these products? At the Lapanja honey farm, every Saturday at the indoor market in Idrija, at the Blagovnica Cerkno supermarket and at the farmers’ market in Cerkno.

The entire range of products includes honey and bee products (monofloral honeys – forest, flower, linden, acacia, chestnut, silver fir, and spruce, pollen, propolis, creamed honey, honey with extra ingredients, beeswax), they make honey in a creamed state (creamed honey), creamed honey with herbs added (yarrow, balm, sage), and a mixture of creamed honey, pollen, and propolis. They also offer honey in the virgin comb, which is honey in its highest-quality form.

Beekeeping Lapanja (Slov. Čebelarstvo Lapanja)

Marjan Lapanja, beekeeper
Address: Orehek 37a, 5282 Cerkno
Phone number: +386 (0)5 377 98 18
Mobile phone number: +386 (0)31 892 952