The oldest traces of human settlement in the Cerkno region date back to prehistoric times. In the Divje Babe cave under the Šebrelje village, a Neanderthal deliberately drilled three holes of the same size into the bone of a young cave bear with stone tools 55,000 years ago and coaxeda simple melody out of it. This most famous find, the Neanderthal flute, can be recognized in the wooden souvenir made by Marijan Rejc, a local from the Šebrelje village, who also devotes himself to wood carving and machine shaping of wood into different products. Among other things he also sells miniature masks (wooden “larfe”) of traditional carnival laufarji masks, which are carved out of linden tree wood.

Versions: flute as a souvenir, 11 cm long, and flute as a pendant, 7 cm long

*Price: EUR 12.00 (11 cm) / EUR 7.00 (7 cm)
*the price was valid at the time of issuing the catalog, so check with the provider for possible price changes

Where can you buy the product? From Marijan Rejc personally, at the Cerkno museum, at the local tourist organization LTO Laufar Cerkno, and at the National Museum in Ljubljana.

On Brd Farm (Slov. Kmetija Na Brd)

Marijan Rejc s.p.
Address: Šebrelje 73, 5282 Cerkno
E-mail: rejc73@gmail.com
Mobile phone number: +386 (0)41 828 982