Exceptional abundance of fish


Due to its beauty and cleanliness, the Idrijca river attracts many visitors and fishing fans. Idrijca is a true paradise for fans of sports fishing, since it is exceptionally rich in fish. Characteristic of the Idrijca river as a tributary of the Soča river is the pure marble trout, whose native breeding stream is in the Zakojška Grapa gully in the village of Zakojca. Other types of fish that can be found in Idrijca are: rainbow trout, fish hybrids, graylings, European chub, and brown trout.

The fishing district of the fishing association in Idrija is divided into the A, B, and trophy districts.

District A extends from the Lajšt bathing area in Idrijska Bela to the Kavčič dam (near the Idrija sign). The trophy districts extend from the dam at the Kolektor company in Idrija or from the concrete bridge at the Šinkovec farm (fishery) in Kanomlja to the suspension bridge “Pri Rovinčarju”. District B (catch and release) extends from the confluence of Kanomljica and Oresovka in Spodnja Idrija and from the confluence of Oresovka and Cerknica in Cerkno to the concrete bridge in the village of Stopnik. District B (take – it is allowed to take 3 fish) extends from the suspension bridge “Pri Rovinčarju” to the concrete bridge in Stopnik.

A sports fishing map for tourists, which was put together by the Idrija fishing association, can be found at the following link. There is also a map for members of the Idrija fishing association.

Idrija fishing association recommends fishing by the “catch and release” system. More information about the rules of sports fishing according to the type of district can be found at the website of the Idrija fishing association if you follow this link.