Especially wild delicacies


More than 2000 types of edible plants grow wildly in our area. It is interesting that all the so-called weeds are also edible and, just like all other kinds of wild vegetables, they have three to four times more minerals, vitamins, and other beneficial bioactive substances compared to cultivated plants. When we weed our gardens or yards and throwaway what we pull up, we are discarding vegetables nutritionally much stronger than the ones we are cultivating and “fighting” the weeds for, so that they can grow successfully.

Many edible wild plants grow in the Cerkno region. They can be found along streams, in the meadows and forests, and especially high under Mt. Porezen, where among other things you can also stumble upon sweet cicely, which is abotanical relative of fennel and anise, and also upon victory onion, which is a relative of wild garlic. Both are magnificent vegetables and culinary plants. Apart from this you can also find wild garlic, nettles, stinking aposeris, dandelion, cat’s ear, garden angelica, and other wild plants that are very useful as food, without even mentioning chickweed, goutweed, and other edible weeds.

Let us try, at least twice, to prepare a known dish in a wild way. Make the smukavc dish with edible wild plants, a salad of this kind or another with wild vegetables, soups, and stews. The side dishes described below are only an encouragement for more wild hunger in the future.

Potato salad with wild garlic, nettles, and goutweed

Chop the cooked potatoes and put them in a bowl. Add a more or less equal amount of chopped nettles, wild garlic and goutweed. First mash the nettles really well to break the stinging hairs. This way you can eat them raw, since they do not sting anymore. Grease with vinegar and cracklings or with olive oil. Salt to taste and mix.

Cream dressing with sweet cicely

Chop the sweet cicely leaves as finely as you can or dice them. Mix two very full spoons of sweet cicely in with 2 dl of sweet or sour cream and wait for fifteen minutes. It is even better to wait for an hour or more, so that the flavors can develop. Pour the dressing, which can be diluted with whey or water, over salads, cooked and fried vegetables, and on fruit dishes. It goes well with curd cheese too.