Energy points in the village of Šebrelje

Filling our bodies with positive energy


For thirty years the life of Jože Munih has been enriched by exploring the healing energies of nature. This is of course just an extra activity alongside his regular work and family obligations – a hobby. The beginnings of his activities, which have formed a common thread weaving through his work, were with energies in water. Water has an extraordinary memory and memorizes the energies it meets on its way. Since the path that water takes on its way triggered his curiosity, he began to explore natural areas that had always been considered to be sacred places. These places were already revered by our ancient ancestors as sacred and they performed religious rituals here.

When water passes through such areas it enriches itself energetically and then brings this record with itself at the spring. We feel great at such good locations, we relax and our energetic body – the aura – fills itself with positive energy here, which we need for preventing and healing diseases. By drinking healing spring water, the water in our body receives a piece of positive information.

❤︎ Contact with nature, its energy points and a visit to healing water springs. ❤︎