Electric Bicycle Rental


Available for rent are nine MTB SCOTT Aspect eRide 40 electric mountain bikesand one electric tandem bike for the blind and partially sighted.

E-bikes can be rented every day between 8.00 and 16.00 after prior reservation at the e-mail address info@visitcerkno.si.
E-bikes are picked up at the agreed location, the headquarters of LTO Laufar Cerkno, Močnikova ulica 2,
5282 Cerkno.
User registration takes place in the premises of the tourist information centre TIC Cerkno, Močnikova ulica 2.

For the duration of the “E-nostavno na kolo” (eng. E-asy bike access) project, e-bike rental is free of charge.
Upon renting, a bicycle maintenance fee of EUR 30.00 is charged for a full-day rental (up to 24 hours).
A late fee of EUR 20.00/hour/e-bike is charged in the event of a delay in returning the e-bike.

Rental is possible from 1 hour to a maximum of 24 hours.
Upon prior electronic reservation of an e-bike, the person declares how long he/she wants to rent the bicycle for.
The electric bicycle may always be returned early.
The rental may be extended, as long as the bicycles are not already reserved for other visitors. This can be done by:
– a telephone call to check the availability of bicycles and arrange a new appointment,
– in person by returning, checking availability and arranging a new return time.

Read the general conditions for e-bike rental at the links below:
Certificate of e-Bike Rental in accordance with GDPR
General terms and conditions for e-bike rental (00000002) (1)

The Cerkno hills are perfect for cyclists, as they offer distinctly unspoilt nature and many picturesque trails. You can choose between short and undemanding, as well as longer and more strenuous tours, for which good physical fitness is recommended. The ascents to the nearby peaks will be rewarded with unforgettable views. And even descent-lovers will eventually get their way.
You can review the Adria bike routes at the link below:

Cycling tours with electric mountain bikes make the otherwise strenuous uphill portions of the trail a real pleasure. The bikes will make it noticeably easier to ride on steep and less well-paved paths. They are suitable for all types of cyclists, both recreational and those who ride every day, as the battery’s power is individually adjustable.

A service pillar, a bicycle stand and a bicycle rest area are installed next to the Cerkno Multipurpose Centre.

Information and reservations:
LTO Laufar Cerkno
Address: Močnikova ulica 2, 5282 Cerkno
Email: info@visitcerkno.si
Telephone number: +386 (0) 5 373 46 45