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The most recognizable traditional carnival group in Slovenia, which has been entered in the Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, is a strong element of the local identity for the municipality and its residents. There are also various festivals, which have been taking place for many years, and an internationally recognized festival, which has been present in the Cerkno region for more than twenty years.

France Bevk Days

Many important people have spent some time in the local valleys. One of them recorded events in books to preserve them for eternity. The memories of faces and images of local places can now...

The Keltika festival

A program of concerts throughout the whole year has been taking place already since 1996, and under the name of Keltika since 2003. The name originates from the main road connecting towns and villages...

Camp Karajžewc

Camp Karajžewc focuses on what is today an unfortunately much neglected level of culture, which is pushed to the side. Through the message of the camp the organizers wish to convey to attendees the...

Cmakajne Festival of Young Creativity

Youth center C.M.A.K. organizes a traditional festival of young creativity called Cmakajne at the end of September. The main aim of the festival is for the young and young at heart to meet and...

The PVC festival

The members of the KUD Cerkno cultural society decided to organize a mini street festival called PVC festival as part of the Poletje v Cerknem (Slov. summer in Cerkno) event, which will take Poletje...