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Relaxation of the body and the mind is always welcome after athletic activity, as it strengthens the immune system and improves our sleep and mood. A special kind of relaxation is definitely found in breathing in air enriched with salt. The natural characteristics and wonders of the Cerkno region also offer the possibility of contact with nature in the embrace of forests in the Cerkno region, its energy points,and the waters of its healing water springs.

Forest selfness

Forest selfness™ represents a new green trend in Slovenian tourism, which is based on taking advantage of natural characteristics and beauties of the Cerkno region and includes natural materials, resources, and local products. It...

Saunas and salt room

People have been using saunas to relax the body and mind since the beginning of time. The main purpose of sauna is sweating and overheating the body, which removes harmful substances from it, balances...

Energy points in the village of Šebrelje

For thirty years the life of Jože Munih has been enriched by exploring the healing energies of nature. This is of course just an extra activity alongside his regular work and family obligations –...