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Sport climbing

Climbing has become a very popular sport. You can choose between different degrees of difficulty in a natural rock climbing area or try your hand at bouldering. We recommend that you climb under the guidance of an instructor or take a climbing course. In any case, heed the safety precautions and bring proper equipment.

The Lutne Skale climbing area

Sport climbing first developed as a type of alpinism and only later formed into an independent sport discipline. Climbing, which was always regarded as an extremely dangerous activity, has become a relatively safe undertaking...

Boulders on the Črni Vrh hill above Cerkno

There are many different types of sport climbing and one of them is boulder climbing – climbing on boulders and lower parts of walls. The boulders on the Črni Vrh hill above Cerkno lie...

Artificial climbing wall at the Cerkno elementary school

Climbing has a positive influence on children’s motor development, along with their overall development as well. The beginnings of individual types of locomotion are closely connected to a child's physical development, especially the development...