Bike and Fun Park Cerkno

For those thirsty of adrenaline


Bike Park

Exhilarating mountain bike tracks will lead you through the forest and the flow trail will take you straight below the Počivalo 6-seater chairlift. There are several bumps and banked turns of low difficulty levels on the tracks, making them perfect for almost any cyclist.

The two single tracks and the flow trail were named after old farming tools from the area. Their descriptions were contributed by Zdravko Čemažar.

Single track 1 – Vaznkaš

One of the main and most used tools on farms and dwellings of cottagers in this area up until 1960 was a sort of a farm cart called Vaznkaš. It either had a harness or was drawn by hand. The former means that an animal (a horse or an ox) was harnessed to it and the latter that it was pulled by a man. The harness cart is built out of parts of a frame, and on average measures 170 x 80 cm, with a transverse axle, which was usually made from wood and had two wooden wheels. There was a wooden beam stretching longwise, which was round at the front where the traces were placed, making it possible to tilt the cart on both sides. Holes were drilled into the frame, into which flat stakes would be placed in succession. Round branches were then weaved into them. Wicker was made of thin round branches, usually from a hazel or beech tree, and in some cases clematis or old man’s beard, but this was less enduring. Vaznkaš was used to transport small loads and was especially useful for transporting manure or soil, because it was so easy to empty it. Vaznkaš was also used to transport small livestock to fairs or grain to the mill, etc.

Single track 2 – Vlakavc

Vlakavc was a kind of harness wagon, similar to a ladder wagon, and it could be considered a special means of transport in the area. The basis for the wagon was a wooden or iron axle frame called a kanc, with wooden wheels and revolving or fixed traces. A 3-m long barkless log, called a vlaka, would be fixed next to each wheel on the load-bearing part of this axle. At the back end these logs would be attached to a transverse frame called vaplen, which had two anchors on its bottom that were fixed into the logs. This made it possible to have the required space between the logs. The front (kanc) and the back (vaplen) had an upright holder on each side where the ladders were placed to make room for cargo. The logs were made of withered spruce trees, 10 to 12 cm thick, which still had a part of their roots, as this made it easier to brake when going down steep slopes and also made the wagons more durable. The point of vlakavc is that its structure facilitates transport down steep inclines. It was used to move hay from mountain meadows, but some also used it to transport firewood and brushwood from the hills to the valley.

Flow trail – Snežet

Snežet is a mountain area where hay would be cut and dried once a year. The standard Slovene word is senožet and even parts of the word will already reveal to those who know Slovene that hay here would be harvested with a sickle. There used to be plenty of workers in the countryside, so all at least somewhat accessible land near people’s homes was cultivated and various food crops were planted there, which means that hay for animal feed had to be harvested in less accessible areas in the hills. If it wasn’t possible to use a scythe there, a sickle was used instead. This is how these areas got their name in Slovenian.

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Fun Park

The Cerkno Fun Park is located at the Cerkno ski resort. This experience is fun for the whole family, as you and your children get to play and spend your free time actively, or even enjoy a whole-day party out in the open. The park welcomes young people, individual recreation enthusiasts, groups, and families.

Within the park you can go

SUP-ing (you can rent equipment), there are sports fields (mini football, volleyball, badminton), you can practice slacklining, there is an archery range, darts, a bowling green, a picnic place, a children’s playground, and also a trampoline.

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