Municipality founded on: 4 October 1994, after the split from the municipality of Idrija
Area: 131.6 km2
Altitude: 324 m
Number of inhabitants: the number of inhabitants with a permanent residence (Slov. STPR) in the Municipality of Cerkno on 30 June 2017 was 4811, the number of inhabitants including those with a temporary residence (Slov. STPR and ZCPR) in the municipality was 4882
Number of towns and villages: 30
Number of local communities: 10
Municipality holiday: 1 October
Highest summit: Porezen (1,630 m)
Hiking trails: Porezen (1,630 m), Kopa (1,360 m), Kojca (1,303 m), Črni vrh (1,291 m), Bevkov vrh (1,051 m)
Sights: Archaelogical park Divje Babe, Franja Partisan Hospital, the Cerkno museum, France Bevk’s Homestead in Zakojca, etc.

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Average summer temperature: 17.8 °C
Average winter temperature: 0.1 °C
Number of sunny days per year: 55
Number of rainy days per year: 131