Artificial climbing wall at the Cerkno elementary school

For young people learning the basics of climbing


Climbing has a positive influence on children’s motor development, along with their overall development as well. The beginnings of individual types of locomotion are closely connected to a child’s physical development, especially the development of the nervous and locomotor systems. The purpose of the AO Stenca climbing section is to present climbing to children through play, so that they enjoy themselves and have fun while exercising. Knowing the basics of climbing will provide them with an additional experience in life!

Climbing is a sport with strong emphasis on locomotion. By learning how to climb, we develop our sense of balance and body coordination, strengthen our memory, and improve our concentration.

What kind of holds, steps, and body positions there are… you will learn all this and more! We invite you to visit the climbing school on an artificial climbing wall for elementary and junior high school children. The lessons take place at the Cerkno elementary school (on the stands of the gymnasium).

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