Adriabike route 8: On the highland meadows

A circular route: Dolenji Novaki - Robidensko brdo - Počivalo - Tuškov grič - Dolenji Novaki


The circular tour takes us across the borderlands of the then ducal border between the Carniola and the Slovenian Littoral and of the Rapallo Border between Italy and Yugoslavia in the nice cool of the forests and on the sunny flowers-covered meadows.

At the starting point beside the St. Thomas church in Dolenji Novaki follow the road for Leskovica. The road that leads us between a barn and a family house soon turns into a gravel road and ascends gradually for the coming 3 km. At the Robidensko brdo pass turn left towards the Ski Centre Cerkno and you will reach the Počivalo chairlift lower station after 2 km. Continue along the old Italian supply road on the right. After 2.5 km you will come to the junction for Blegoš, take the road left and after one kilometre, just under the top of the hill, turn right to the road that takes you to the top of the ski centre.

For long Črni vrh has been an attractive destination for family trips due to its mysterious appeal, its soft meadows along the coniferous forests and the abundance of forest fruits. Its highland meadows also offer magnificent views in all directions – the nearby hills to the Trnovo forest and Banjšice plateau in the south, the Porezen and the Lower Bohinj Mountains in the west, the Triglav and the Karavanke mountain range in the north and the Kamnik Alps in the north-east.

From the top of the hill drive down the gravel road that leads you along the Grič ski slope on its right and then turn towards the Brdo ski slope. Here it turns left into the forest and after a further kilometre you will reach the Tuškov grič parking place. Take the road up the hill from there and the paved road will bring you to the Čumar farm, from there the road further is gravel and at the intersection Razpotje under the Porezen, turn left, back towards the village Novaki. The paved road is followed by a section of gravel and it will bring you to the next junction at the Brejc farm. Turn left one more time and descent the paved road for 3 km to come back to the church in Dolenji Novaki where you started from.

Points of interest along the routes

  • From Novaki you can head along the hiking trails to the Porezen and the Blegoš mountains and there is a circular hiking path to the Kopa hill nearby the Porezen offering an amazing view reaching as far as the Adriatic Sea.
  • Homestead Pri Praprotniku in the village Gorenji Novaki offers a collection of old farming tools and the Novaki bow skis (Slov. novaška lok smučka).
  • Extremely diverse flora of the colourful highland meadows on top of the Črni vrh hill spread out into a breathtaking panorama with a 360° angle.
  • Ski Centre Cerkno – a modern family-oriented ski centre at Črni vrh slopes.