Adriabike route 7: Across the plateau to the ledge

A circular route: Bukovo - Bukovski vrh - Police - Bukovo


The circular tour that takes us from the region (and municipality) of Cerkno to the Tolmin side and back starts in Bukovo at the intersection for Zakojca and Grahovo. In the direction of Grahovo drive down the road for about one kilometre and turn left at the first junction towards Bukovski Vrh. To reach there, you will have to beat a long and winding steep climb, where you will find the northernmost edge of the Šentviška Gora plateau. From the village you can enjoy the view of the Porezen and the Kojca in the north-east. Follow the main road from there and it will take you up to the pass and then either down to the scattered villages of the pre-Alpine plateau with numerous typically karstic phenomena or back east to the region of Cerkno.

In that case the road will take you about one kilometre down the slope to Gorski vrh and then left at the first crossroads, past three holiday houses towards the village Police. About 2 km of a moderately demanding descent on a gravel road will bring you there. Nevertheless, it rewards you with a charming view of the nucleated village, the interesting late Gothic church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Slov. cerkev Rojstva Device Marije) with a freestanding belfry and a spacious flat with amazing views and carefully tended meadows.

The winding paved road takes us down to the valley and back up the slope to the hamlet Laharn. Turn left at the junction at the climbing site Lutne skale and climb 3.5 km up the road to the hamlet Kojca and another kilometre till the starting point in Bukovo.

Points of interest along the routes

  • Near Bukovski Vrh, the highest point of the Šentviška Gora plateau, the Črvov vrh, is a popular hiking destination with a magnificent view of the Bača valley and the nearby hills ranging from the Porezen to the Matajur.
  • The climbing site Lutne skale in the Kazarska gorge, an attractive gorge of troughs, pools and rapids.